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Drug Crimes

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Aggressive Drug Crimes Defense for Northern Virginia Clients

Years in prison. Thousands of dollars in fines. Damage to your reputation. Oppressive probation conditions.
Those are just a few of the consequences of a drug crimes conviction in Virginia. An experienced lawyer can work to avoid those tragic outcomes and resume your life.

The prospect of a drug crime conviction is serious business. It could potentially steal years of your life, thousands of dollars and separate you from your family. At Sheryl Shane, Attorney at Law, we are here to help you.
Contact Fairfax and McLean drug crimes lawyer Sheryl Shane today by calling 703-503-4448 if you have been charged with a serious drug crime.

Arrested for the Possession, Distribution or Trafficking of Drugs?

Take advantage of Ms. Shane’s years of experience, legal knowledge, courage and charisma in the courtroom if you have been charged with a serious drug crime, including manufacturing, possession, trafficking or intent to distribute controlled substances such as:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Crack cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Party drugs (Ecstasy, date rape drugs)
  • Prescription drugs (Oxycontin, Hydrocodone)
  • Drug paraphernalia

After your arrest, Sheryl Shane’s excellent relationships with bondsmen could result in freedom on bail for you. She has protected the rights and freedom of people just like you in Northern Virginia. She can use her facts-driven and legal approach to help protect your rights and freedom as well.

Sheryl Shane investigates the details of your case. If the facts allow, she casts doubt on police procedures including reading of your Miranda rights and highlighting any signs of an illegal search and seizure. She can also try to lessen the charges against you, including loss of your license, by using her knowledge of legal defenses used at trial and alternative sentencing programs.

If you have already been convicted of a drug crime, served your time and been released, Sheryl Shane is available to represent you if you have been notified of a probation violation.

Speak With Our Experienced Attorney Today

Attorney Sheryl Shane is able to defend you in the event of an emergency. You will receive her contact information, including cell phone number and e-mail address, when you become a client. If your family has emergency questions or concerns, she is glad to address them.

Contact Falls Church drug possession attorney Sheryl Shane by calling 703-503-4448 if you need legal help with bond motions or a preliminary hearing.

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