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Violent Crimes

Fairfax Assault Attorney

Have You Been Arrested for a Violent Crime in Northern Virginia?

If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, you can assume that Attorney Sheryl Shane will mount the best possible attack in your defense. She will use a combination of evidence, arrest irregularities, testimony of witnesses and experts, and her skills of persuasion to fight for dismissal of your charges. When facts allow, she will investigate police procedures and tactics such as search and seizure, police using bad tactics to obtain a confession, or constitutional rights’ violations, obtaining results from forensic tests i.e. finger printing, DNA, and drug composition or constitutional rights violations.

Don’t assume anything. Do contact McLean violent crimes lawyer Sheryl Shane in Fairfax and McLean.

Criminal defense lawyer Sheryl Shane has fought for the rights of violent crime defendants for more than 20 years. Her successful defenses have won praise from other attorneys, the legal community and clients. You can depend on her dynamic, fact-driven and legal approach, and courtroom charisma to seek results for you.

Your freedoms, your future and your access to your family are at stake in your violent crimes case. Call Sheryl Shane now. She will work hard to win your freedom until trial by coordinating bail with a bondsman. 703-503-4448.

Fact and Legal-Driven Defenses, Charisma in the Courtroom — Sheryl Shane Offers It All

Sheryl Shane safeguards your constitutional rights against serious violent crimes charges such as:

  • Assault and battery, including assault on a police officer
  • Sex crimes (rape), sodomy, sexual assault and battery
  • Domestic violence (stalking, harassment)
  • Manslaughter, homicide and murder
  • Malicious wounding
  • Aggravated and unlawful wounding
  • Resisting arrest
  • Weapons violations
  • Telephone harassment and threats
  • Gang participation
  • Probation violations
  • Abduction/kidnapping

Attorney Sheryl Shane brings a comprehensive knowledge of criminal defense and passion for litigation to your case.

If you are about to stand trial for a violent crime in Northern Virginia, contact Fairfax assault attorney Sheryl Shane today by calling 703-503-4448 for a consultation.

If you are incarcerated and cannot come to her Fairfax or McLean law office, Sheryl Shane can come to you. Competitive fees and foreign language translation are available.

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Office Hours & Directions

Contact Sheryl Shane today for a consultation. Call 703-503-4448. After-hours and weekend meeting appointments are available. Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese language translation can be accessed.

Spanish Contact Lolita: 571-244-9648

Korean Contact Yoon: 571-288-9938

Vietnamese Contact: 703-398-2493


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